Stichtite in Serpentine (Atlantisite) tumble stone




Tumbled stones, approximately 2-2.5cm.

A tumble stone will be chosen intuitively for you, pictured are examples only.

Stichtite in Serpentine is a rare combination of minerals mined in Zeehan on the west coast of Tasmania


Stichtite is a mineral, a carbonate of chromium and magnesium: Mg6Cr2CO3(OH)16.4H2O Its colour ranges from pink through to lilac to a rich deep purple. It is formed as an alteration product from chromium containing serpentine. Discovered in1910 in Tasmania, Australia, it is named after Robert Carl Sticht, one the manager of the nearby mine.


Is a group of common rock forming hydrous magnesium iron phyllosilicate ((MgFe)3Si2O5(OH)4) mineral. It may contain minor amounts of other elements including chromium, manganese, cobalt, nickel.

Metaphysical properties

An excellent crystal for working on the heart chakra, enhancing our sense and feeling of security and helping us to establish our boundaries. It is a stone that can be helpful in creating a special place in a house as it lends a calming and peaceful air to the area in which it is placed. It promotes a more relaxed attitude to life, balancing mood swings and making us more aware of our own emotions and promoting inner peace. It also helps us to think before we speak.

Additional information

Weight .01 kg
Dimensions 2 × 3 × 3 cm
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