Sourced locally and from every corner of the globe

At Sticks and Stones Shells and Bones we stock a wide range of amazing crystals. Whether you are a mineral collector looking for that unique piece, a geologist, gemologist, after the metaphysical properties or simply like pretty things that sparkle we have something for you!! Including unique Tasmanian specimens such as Stichtite in Serpentine and Crocoite, to little treasures from all over the world. From Agates to Zoisite and everything in between. Large and small, rough and polished….

When a rock is not a rock. There are differences in ‘rocks’, ‘crystals’, ‘gemstones’ and ‘minerals’ but its all a bit confusing!!! A gem is a rare mineral, a mineral is a naturally occurring solid chemical substance formed through various geological processors, a crystal is a solid material of ions, atoms and molecules that form through crystalisation into a 3D structure. Still confused??? Don’t worry, they are all amazing and you will like what you like. 

Sourced locally and from every corner of the globe and some that may have some bits a and pieces from outer space…

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