The warmth of wood, soft, renewable,

Soft buttery Huon Pine, unique Black Heart Sassafras, vibrant Myrtle and Blackwood. Timber products including locally made chopping boards, display shelves, wood carvings. Here in Tasmania we have access to some really unique timbers and have the craftspeople living locally that are turning these unique timbers into works of art. Timbers are sustainably harvested, reclaimed or salvaged timbers from Forestry production. 

Petrified wood is formed through the process of permineralization, where an ancient piece of wood has been turned into stone (fossilised) over millions of years. For wood to fossilise it needs to be buried in a low oxygen environment that has mineral rich water flowing through it, the organic matter of the wood is replaced by the minerals in the water and over millions of years a piece of petrified wood is formed. Minerals that often replace the organic matter include quartz, agate, silica, chalcedony and opal, often characteristics of the wood such as the rings of the tree are maintained in the fossil.  Sticks and Stones Shells and Bones has petrified/fossilized wood from Tasmania and around the world. 

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